Post-Repair Inspections

What Are Post-Repair Inspections?

Sometimes, you’ll send your car to the nearest possible body shop in the hopes of having it fixed according to industry standards. However, in case you feel that your car hasn’t been properly repaired, or to a standard that is acceptable, you’re welcome to stop by our auto body repair shop for a second opinion. Our technicians will perform a cursory “post-repair inspection” and hear out your own concerns.

We’ll spot any ill-fitting repairs and point out subpar work on your car. We may also know if parts weren’t replaced when they should have been, or if aftermarket parts have been used when they shouldn’t have been.

Upon discovering substandard work, we can provide options to help make sure your car is properly repaired. Always keeping our customers in mind, we strive to bring vehicles as close to performance-perfect as possible.

Why Are Post-Repair Inspections Important?

There are a few reasons why we perform manufacturer certified repair and why we offer these post-repair inspections. Too often, a poorly repaired car will have a lower value, which will make it more difficult to sell for a certain price. But even more importantly, subpar repair work can put you and your family in danger, making it unsafe to drive. That’s why post-repair inspections are one of the most valuable services we offer.

Post Repair Inspections

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